Creating the Perfect Recipe for Your New Home

Monday, November 28, 2011 2:46:00 PM

creating the perfect receipe for your new home in crestview, pensacola, pace, milton, navarre floridaEver go to the grocery store without making a list first? You think, “I know what to buy this week, I don’t need to write it down.”

Walking through the grocery store, everything starts to look good. Several impulse buys later, you get home and realize you forgot the key ingredients for meals, but you really took care of the cravings.

The same thing happens when you enter a new home community to build the house to fit your lifestyle. You begin to salivate. A great builder thinks of all the possibilities - addressing a wide variety of tastes, needs, wants and desires. Touring the Henry Company Homes Design Center is the opportunity to see all the ingredients unfold before you. This is part of the joy of building a new home.

Suddenly you are that starving person grocery shopping. You want stone fireplaces, decks, deluxe appliances and the kitchen sink. Just kidding, you always get a kitchen sink. But are you going with the under mount with brushed nickel fixtures?

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to separate your needs from your wants. Then you’ll know up front what the most important elements will be when you arrive at the HCH Design Center. You don’t want to walk out hours later and think, “oh but we really need this, that, and the sunroom.”

Before you go new home shopping, sit down and make a grocery list of your most important ingredients. A wants and needs list is the recipe for your plan – all of the elements need to be there. Once you have the structure of your meal down, you can go hunting for that rich chocolate cake to finishing everything perfectly.

Ask yourself a series of questions:
• Do I need 4 bedrooms, or 3 and a flex space?
• What school district does my home need to be in?
• Is a gourmet kitchen important to my lifestyle?
• Open floor plan, or traditional formal rooms?
• Luxury bathroom?
• Where do I spend the most time?
• What kind of rooms do I need for hobbies?
• What are my structural needs?
• How efficient is the home?  What will be the total cost of ownership?
• Do I need to think about resale?

Then make a list of things you’d love to have to design the house just for you. By making two lists side by side, you’ll start to see what the most important features are in your new home.

Now when you walk the model, you’re armed with a shopping list. First find the structure that fits your lifestyle. Do you have the spatial plan, the right kitchen, and so on? Then you can start dressing spaces with the proper appliances, counter top materials, and flooring choices to fit your tastes.

If you forget major ingredients like the finished room over the garage for scrap booking, or the 2-foot bump out with the optional gas fireplace - those things are a lot harder and more expensive to add later. Tick off the needs on the list, then look around at the optional ingredients that will give your home the exact amount of flavor for your lifestyle.

If you leave out the needs, it’s like leaving the yeast out of your cake. It may still taste sweet but it falls flat and in the end something is missing. By making your lists ahead of time, you’ll be ready to go shopping and be sure to have everything that makes your house a home.